No EA Eyelashes~

By Cień z róża - 4/26/2017 02:13:00 AM

!! This mod is not an eyelashes !!

just a little thing i have wanted to make for long time
removing EA eyelashes from the eyes 

⇨      The files in EA Lashes it's just to add EA lashes in the game if you want  it works with No EA lashes mod ,Toddlers and Children rarely have eyelashes so you will see no change unless the have lashes

you can find it in Skin details 

It’s updated for  December 12th  2019  Patch!
                                               fixed the problem for realm of magic no heads showing up

for those might have problem with the mod 
i have test it in my game it's working  hope it works for you all c:

!!Don't open the mod in Sims 4 Studio the mod will be broken!!


                                                  below old links before mermaid patch


^another link

________________________________________________How to install________________________________________________

1- Download the Zip file 
2- Unzip the file
3- Pick  individuals for each age group package or the for All it's a merged package
4- Add it in mods folder [some players it work for them inside sub-folders]

____________________________Problems With No Ea Lashes____________________________

if you have an issue head disappearing? first try No Ea eyelashes package

only in your mods folder you can use individuals for each age group or the for All it's a merged package

if the mod works and you don't  see EA eyelashes on the eyes good 

if you don't see head you have to check your mods maybe there's one will conflict with it 

only one way to tell is try each mod folder with No ea eyelashes to tell which folder had the mod with issue sorry about that.

1- Opened the mod in Sims 4 studio or any editor program if you done that the mod gets broken re download it again
2- If you have wicked woohoo mod it will make head disappear just remove  NANDONG_yfHeadDefault thanks to Jenah c: for the info
3- If the mod in sub folder try the mod in mods folder

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