No EA Eyelashes~

By Cień z róża - 4/26/2017 02:13:00 AM

just a little thing i have wanted to make for long time
removing EA eyelashes from the eyes 

Uncompressed files

i have updated the for All no ea eyelashes some people having problem with the merged for all package 
if you have an issue head disappearing re download
 No EA eyelashes 

still having issue of head disappearing? first try No Ea eyelashes package
only in your mods folder you can use individuals for each age group or the for All it's a merged package
if the mod works and you don't  see EA eyelashes on the eyes good 
if you don't see head you have to check your mods maybe there's one will conflict with it 
only one way to tell is try each mod folder with No ea eyelashes to tell which folder had the mod with issue sorry about that.

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